Lights, Camera, Oscars

50 Shades of Fashion on the 2015 Oscars.

Photo credit US Magazine

Tatum Tuxedo can Dolce a Gabbana

Ready, Set, Roll out the red carpet for a night of bow ties & beads, glitter & glam, stillettos & statuettes, all to see who will take home the coveted golden naked man weighing 8.5 pounds & 13.5 inches tall.  It’s the 87th Academy Awards and Oscar never looked so good.

It’s all about the Fashion, the boys rocked the carpet in Prada, Armani, & Ferragamo to name a few.  Pine in Armani, Cooper in Ferragamo & Common in velvet Prada.  And ladies, Tatum in a Tuxedo, he can Dolce a Gabbana, nice job boys.

This Girl Rocked the Pearls

Rocked the Pearls

The Ladies strolled the carpet with elegance and grace, adding sparkle, color and classic Hollywood glam.  One we can always expect to dazzle the red carpet is Lupita Nyong’o and she did again with a Calvin Klein dress made of 6,000 pearls, wow she rocked the pearls. This news just in, The London Hotel in West Hollywood, confirms that Wednesday night, her dress valued at $150,000, was stolen from her hotel room. They reported to E!News “that they are working with law enforcement on their investigation.”

oscars rosamond pike

Red Roses Rosamund

Rosamund Pike looked like a bouquet of red roses in her custom Givenchy dress with a Jessica Rabbit high slit. Dakota Johnson wore an elegant 50 Shades of Red, Saint Laurent Gown, wonder if she got her inspiration from the red room?

Scarlett Johansson looked like an emerald statuette but did anyone notice she had on 2 different earrings?

oscars scarlet johansson

Emerald Scarlett

And in music moments- Wow, the hills were alive with the sound of Lady Gaga what a musical tribute to Julie Andrews.  Gaga actually looked Glamorous and Julie Andrews, hello, she looked amazing- does that woman age?  Julie, tell us how you stay looking so young and fabulous, inquiring minds want to know.  Many were lost in Levine as, Adam Levine sang Lost Stars, nominated for best original song, “but are we all lost stars, trying to light up the dark.”

And now a word about the host, Neil Patrick Harris, I see London, I see France, I saw Doogie Howser in his under pants, that is all I have to say about that.

Oh right, I guess we need to mention the movies- a few of the nominations; a sniper, a birdman, a foxcatcher, a hotel, and a gone girl.  Which was your favorite, do you think the academy got it right?

And the Oscar goes to… Who do you think wore it best?oscars 50 Shades of Red Carpet



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