50 Shades of the Bachelorette

bachelorett britt or kaitlynLadies and Gents it is time to set your DVR for tonight’s premiere of The Bachelorette on ABC. Tonight there is a twist, there are two women looking for love, and this is the first time the 25 “Guys” get to pick who they think should be the NEXT Bachelorette!

Tune in for 50 Shades of Cray Cray, as the guys cast their vote for who gets kicked off “Bachelorette Island”.

Who are the two bachelorettes- they were both rejected by Prince Farming, Chris Soules, the last Bachelor.  I won’t say too much, you will have to tune in and find out more about them. Britt Nilsson is from the Motor City, Detroit Michigan, she will definitely get some motors running, she now lives in LA LA Land to pursue her modeling career-  Not sure if her heart is in it or she was using the Bachelorette to boost her career!

Then there is Kaitlyn Bristowe, she is a 5’4 Ballerina from Vancouver, Canada.  She is known as the funny one, and Britt is known as the crying one, but no doubt they are both beautiful girls.   Will it be Team Britt or Team Kaitlyn?

Now a quick bit about the boys. There are 2 Bens, 2 Cory’s, 2 Ryan’s, 2 Sean’s and opa- there is even a Kupah.  Ladies there may even be a magic mike- he is a law student by day- exotic dancer by night.   And then there is an amateur sex instructor I am not sure why he is an amateur but maybe we will soon find out.

What to expect the first night- I am sure there will be lots of lipstick, glitter & tears and double trouble in the hot tub.

Tonight it will be a game of “Who would you Rather?”  Who do you think will be crowned the Next Bachelorette?  Team Britt or Team Kaitlyn.

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