The Original Superhero

Give a Toast To Dad

A Toast to Dad

I invite you to Stand up, and Raise your glass to the Man, the Myth, the Legend, My Dad!

He is an engineer, artist, author, inventor, educator, athlete, dancer, coach, mentor and a true Superhero.  You may not always see his cape but it is always there.

The Original SupermanMy Dad was the original Google and human calculator, give him any number to add, multiply or divide and he has the answer, still to this day I have no idea how he does it. Growing up he knew everything or at least he would create an answer, he made up so many answers over the years that I don’t know what is fact or fiction.  Anything he told me I believed. He is the smartest man on the Planet.

He planted a seed in me to reach for my dreams, not to tip toe through life, to run, dive in head first and make a splash. That seed took root as a young girl, and continues to blossom giving me inspiration, motivation and determination.

He was with me when I took my first steps, started Kindergarten, shopping for school uniforms and seeing me through graduating with my Masters.  I don’t think I would have received my diplomas without my dad.  He helped me study lines for plays, strategize for Debate Team, he pulled all nighter’s helping me with countless papers, science projects and yes algebra, he was my favorite teacher.  Thanks Dad.

He guided me through training wheels, getting my license & buying my first convertible. He taught me that life is a journey, to buckle up and enjoy the ride, soar with the top down, wind in my hair & always Roar.  That along the road of life there will be struggles but to embrace them for they will prepare me for what life throws my way and give me strength to pull through.

My dad was the greatest athlete and taught me life is a sport, it isn’t if you win or lose it’s how you play the game. My Dad spent countless hours with me on the court, he went to every soccer game, baseball game and tennis match- even in the snow, (yes we did have matches in the snow- that happens when you grow up in New York.)  He taught me that life is like the game of tennis, to pick up my racket, swing and always remember to follow through.  To always “Serve” & “Love” others, and that one day you will get the “Ace”.   I don’t win all my matches- but that is ok I play my best and always have fun doing it.   Hockey was another one of our favorite sports, he would play with me on the ice or out in the street, and he taught me that we miss 100% of the shots we don’t take.   If we miss that is ok, many times we will score.

He taught me that Life is full of storms and not to wait for the storms to pass but learn to dance in the rain, and we did that, we lived through hurricanes in Florida, blizzards in Buffalo, tornadoes in Iowa and we continue to dance, skate, and sing in the rain.

He taught me that unlike, Princess Elsa, God will Never Let Go, that “I can do everything in Christ who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13.

I can do Everything through Christ who gives me Strength.

To Live each day like it is your last, and one day it will be, so Live life to the fullest and share that with others. I live to make every day the best day ever.  So go out and Rock the day, and make it the best day ever.

One of the greatest gifts I have been given came from God and I call him Dad.

Love you, 

Jennifer Blake

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