50 Shades of Thanks

You there, yes you- I am a candy cop and this is a candy stick up, hands up and step away from the candy bowl & no one will get hurt!  Hope you had a happy Halloween and don’t have a Halloween Candy Hangover.halloween candy stick up kennedy

Now that we enter a new month, today marks a day not to count calories from all the Halloween candy but a day to count our blessings!

Every November I declare to count my blessings & give thanks for the next 30 days!  Today kicks off my annual journey to give thanks to all who have touched my life & left footprints on my heart!  Thanksgiving is 27 days away- and It is more than turkey & stuffing… it is Thanks & Giving!

We celebrate Thanksgiving but I feel that Thanksgiving should be celebrated all month (technically it should be every day).  It is a time to reflect and focus on giving.  A Time of giving thanks.

I invite everyone to join in.  You can give thanks and giving by helping out at a local shelter, volunteer your time, help a neighbor, be there for a friend.  Any way you can give back or pay it forward, It can be big or small acts of kindness and gratitude. This holiday season lets focus on Giving and not Getting.

avonjen thanks cover photo1Many years ago I started a “Thanks Blog”, to document all that I am thankful for but I am grateful for more than words can say. Words can’t express all that I am thankful for.  I hope my actions speak louder than words.

Written by:  JrockJen


50 Shades of Thanks

30 days of thanks cover

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