You are Cordially Invited

What the World needs now is love sweet love, and laughter— I don’t know about you- but this has been some week & I think we all need to step away from the media- put down our political swords & get up, get out, grab a neighbor and get laughing!

Yes you heard me- Get LAUGHING.   Laughter is the best medicine – you can’t frown when you are laughing, try it, you can’t.  So I say we turn our frowns upside down and get out and Laugh for a Cause.

This is your mission should you choose to accept it. life-is-better-when-your-laughing

You are invited to the The 8th Annual Comedy Show Fundraiser to benefit the Live Well Project

Each year The Live Well Project holds a comedy show fundraiser in order to keep  The Live Well Project event FREE  for over 300+ At-Risk Teen Girls and approximately 100+ Volunteers.  I have volunteered at this event each year- and it is amazing.  I want to help raise funds for the 8th Annual Event.

This year’s Fabulous Comic Headliner is Snoop Dog’s Bad Girl’s of Comedy, Monique Marvez, she donates her time for this event. I have seen her many times & she rocks.

There will be a Silent Auction and at the end of the show a fun & exciting LIVE AUCTION lead by Charger’s announcer Pierre Charmasson & Carlos Gutierrez

Tickets are ONLY $15!!! Order Tickets Here
~ Free Parking
~ 21 & up
~ (2) Drink minimum (but the drinks are pretty cheap)

comedy-store-fundraiser-live-well-projectDoors open at 6pm

No Matter who you Voted for- we all can agree that laughter rocks and cures the soul!  It is like Fireworks for the soul- We need some Fireworks of Fun.   We always need to find a reason to laugh it may not add years to your life but it will add life to your years.

Cheers- Hope to see you Nov. 16 at the Comedy Store in La Jolla for the 8th Annual Live Well Project Comedy Show Fundraiser.

Thank you Jennifer Jrock Blake  #30DaysofThanks

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