Operation Teddy Bear

foster care bear hugs

It’s my favorite time of year, when we kick off Our annual Operation Teddy Bear For 30 Days of Thanks and Giving.  Every year we do a Teddy Bear Drive for Foster Care Children.  We collect cash donations for teddy bears to give to children attending a holiday party hosted by Voices for Children.bears jen

Each December Voices for Children hosts a wonderful Christmas party for all children in the Foster Care system- and each child receives a teddy bear-  This teddy bear could be the only gift they receive and it means more to them than you know.   You can’t help but fall in love.

foster santa with the Elves

Santa’s Elves

If you would like to be one of Santa’s elves – we would greatly appreciate it.  What can you do to Help?  You can donate money for the purchase of the bears- they are $10-$14 – you can give any dollar amount, $1, $5, $10, $20- You can donate to Jennifer Blake via cash, check or paypal at paypal.me/jrockjen or Venmo https://venmo.com/jennifer-Blake-2.  We purchase over 500 bears, then we load up all the bears, deliver and decorate before the kids arrive.   It truly is one of my favorite days of the year.  Thank you to all the Elves that have donated over the years.  We can’t show photos of the children but we can share a few photos of past years party with Santa, Bears and a few Elves.  Shh… Santa Just Told me, if you donate he will place you on top of the Nice List.

Every year it breaks my heart to think of all the children in foster care that aren’t with their families.  I can’t even image it, my family made sure every year our holidays were magical.  I wish I could do the same for every child in foster care. I was adopted and this is one way I can help give back.

San Diego County’s foster youth desperately need help.  Of the thousands of children in San Diego County’s foster care system each year, it is estimated that about half of these children have no one—no parent, no relatives, no family friends—to look out for the child’s best interests. They are alone in a complicated system that can rob much of the joy out of childhood & Holidays.
Voices for Children provides volunteer CASAs (Court Appointed Special Advocates) to foster children in San Diego County to ensure their needs are met in the courtroom, classroom and with their foster families.
foster care bear santa

Waiting for Santa



foster santa 2

Santa Arrives

Operation Teddy Bear Video

I was adopted and every year I give back to foster care programs.  It is through community donations that each child in the foster care system receives a brand new teddy bear.  Every Teddy Bear Needs a Home.

Any extra bears are given to children when they enter the court room.  It is a scary time for them and the bear makes the situation less scary. Some Facts about San Diego Foster Care System.



  • Each Juvenile Court judge carries an average case load of approximately 500 cases.
  • Every dependent child is assigned to an attorney. The attorney represents about 150 children.
  • Every family is assigned to a social worker to manage the case. Social workers carry an average case load of 16 to 25 cases.
  • The average amount of time children spend in foster care in San Diego County is 40 months—that’s three birthdays spent away from home.
  • Many children remain in foster care long-term. These children will never return home and will never be adopted.

Thank you for your help to brighten a child’s day this Holiday Season.        Operation Teddy Bear Video Montage  #TeamTeddybears for foster care cover photo



Jrock Jen Blake

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