Happy New Year

The corks have popped, the ball has dropped and 3.2.1 the New Year has begun.  Today is day one of the rest of your life, day one of the best of your life. It is the start of another 365 day trip around the sun. How are you going to make the trip?  Buckle up, Rise Up, Step Up, Charge Up, Serve Up & Enjoy the Ride. 2015-day-1-make-it-rock

Remember it’s not the destination but the journey.  Your journey may have dark days but they are just to help make the other days brighter. Stars cannot shine without the darkness.  So I challenge you to embrace the dark days and you will feel the light.  Let it Shine.

Be like a candle, light a spark and let your light shine. Like a candle releases its light, so can you, so I say be light, be love, be awesome. Release your awesomeness out to the world like a candle.

Do you make New Year Resolutions?  Did you know most Resolutions don’t last past January 15th. This year I say ditch the resolutions- make Resoawesome’s.  Do something awesome for yourself and for others. If you want to be awesome, be awesome to other people. Resolve to be awesome, share awesome with others and it will help make your year awesome. Share kindness, it’s contagious. Remember that for the next 365 days. It’s easy as 1.2.3, Be Awesome, Be Kind, Repeat.wave-hello-to-2017

It’s a New Year, beginnings can be scary, endings can be sad but it is the in between that makes it worth it- so go enjoy the in between.   Go out there and Rock & Roar until you Soar.

Rock 2017 to the Moon & Back.

JrockJen #Rock365

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