Peace Out 2018 Hello 2019

The corks have popped, the ball has dropped and 3.2.1 the New Year has begun.  Today is day one of the rest of your life, day one of the best of your life. It is the start of another 365 day trip around the sun. How are you going to make the trip?  Buckle up, Rise Up, Step Up, Charge Up & Enjoy the Ride. 2015-day-1-make-it-rock

Remember it’s not the destination but the journey.  Your journey may have dark days but they are just to help make the other days brighter. Stars cannot shine without the darkness.  So I challenge you to embrace the dark days and you will feel the light.  Let it Shine.

Be like a candle, light a spark and let your light shine. Like a candle releases its light, so can you, so I say be light, be love, be awesome. Release your awesomeness out to the world like a candle.

Do you make New Year Resolutions?  This year I dare you to make Resoawesome’s.  Do something awesome for yourself and for others. Resolve to be awesome, share your awesome with others and it will help make your year awesome. Share kindness, it’s contagious. Remember that for the next 365 days, Be Awesome, Be Kind, Repeat.

Did you unwrap extra pounds this holiday season?  If so join us and we can Rock our Resolutions together.  We have fun fitness events  to help crush your Resolutions & feel fabulous in 2019.

Med vibes 1 Down Dog

If you want to Dance your way into the New Year come Dance with us Sunday 1/6 @Cirque-it Fitness @11am Zumba add a lil Sweat, Salsa & Samba to your Sunday Funday! Paula teaches a fab class Monday, Wednesdays & Sundays, Check out the fit fun Cirque it fitness classes, mat pilates & yoga offered daily. First class is Free.

Continue Dancing to the beat with Zumba classes Tuesday 9:30am & Wednesdays 7:30pm @Del Soul Fitness a boutique gym in pacific beach, classes are taught by the beautiful & fabulous Lisa.  The Class will make you unleash your inner Shakira. First class is Free. Check out their other awesome classes, Cycling, Strength Training & Yoga and more.

Come Flow into the New Year with FREE Pop Up Yoga Class at Carmel Valley Rec Center, Saturday Jan. 12 @11am presented by Meditative Vibes This is an invigorating feel the burn class with wireless headphones, it will wake you up physically and mentally, it’s Fitness Amplified!  Click for more details & Reserve your Spot on the Mat

med vibes del mar deckKeep the Resolutions Rockin & join us for a Meditative Vibes Event Jan 26 1-4pm on the Deck of the Del Mar Plaza;  beginning with HIIT class, Power Yoga, followed by Sunset Meditation all with wireless headphones & Live DJ DTO Music Click link for Details & Tickets

Come Ride your Resolutions for a FREE Spin class 2/10/19 10am Neon Wireless Headset Party Ride with MissyNotMisty at Crunch Fitness Carmel Valley.

This is a spin class like you’ve never experienced before through secure wireless headphones. You control the volume. No distractions, just you on your bike with Missy’s voice and dance music streaming through your headsets.  Kick off your Sunday Funday with the best 45 minutes of your day. Take your ride and energy to the next level!

Space is limited to 30. Sign up to Reserve your Ride

It’s a New Year, beginnings can be scary, endings can be sad but it is the in between that makes it worth it- so go enjoy the in between.  Go out there and Rock & Roar until you Soar.

Live every Moment, Laugh everyday & Love Beyond Words! May each day of the coming year be a gift that you open with Joy & Gratitude!✌️💗

Jennifer Jrock Blake

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