Witch Walk


Boo… Did I scare You- Wanted to Fly by to Wish you a Happy Halloweek!

Join us for Witch Walk Wednesday – Grab your Witch Hat- Mount your Broom & Fly to Fanuel Park Mission Bay- San Diego, Wednesday 5:30pm

Join us if you Dare – Hope to See you Ghosts, Goblins & Witches There!

Lets burn some calories before we eat the treats

🎃 All Witches Welcome

🎃 The Witching Hour 5:30-6:30pm

🎃Wednesday 10/30/19

🎃 Fanuel Park- 4000 Fanuel St  – Parking Lot- Street Parking

🎃 Meet by the Seals & Swings on Mission Bay

🎃 Witches Unite Wednesday Night

If you need a witches hat let me know we can bring an extra for you.

Witching You a Happy Halloweek!  Casting a Spell on You that you have a wickedly FaBOOlous week!👻🎃👻











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